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Well@Work was established by Aboriginal professionals, staffed by Aboriginal and non-aboriginal professionals, to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples regardless of their situation and location.

Well@Work also works with non-Indigenous people with private and professional connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in a way that improves relationships and benefits all involved.

Well@Work is strongly motivated to optimise social and emotional wellbeing for organisations wanting to support employees to improve their wellbeing and longevity in the workplace.

Organisations are recognising the need to implement well thought out wellbeing strategies and supports in the workplace.

Well@Work Vision

Our vision is to support individuals, families, and teams to maintain strong relationships, make healthy and informed decisions, improve resilience and overall health and wellbeing.

Well@Work Mission

Our mission is to provide the most culturally safe, competent, responsive, flexible, and diverse services needed to address individual, team and organisational concerns.


Well@Work Suite of Services:

  • EAP – counselling – an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Event wellbeing support
  • Online training
  • Supervision
  • Well@Work Solutions – training on how to manage lateral violence, interpersonal communication, conflict management, leadership, and suicide prevention.
  • Incident debriefing – Well@Work can flexibly deploy a package suitable for difficult situations


Please reach us at 03 9863 8146 or wellbeing@abstarr.com
Our Well@Work team will respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.