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Training in Cultural Safety for Accreditation Contributors

Cultural safety is, and is becoming, embedded in standards that accredit and monitor training across the health professions in Australia. This training supports this effort.

The purpose of completing this program of learning includes:


At its core, this program of learning underscores and improves the accreditation contributor’s knowledge, skill and responsiveness of and to self and other, for the application of cultural safety in accreditation.


Building from purpose one, the accreditation contributor is able to appropriately use, and interpret, the accreditation standards that are related to  cultural safety, used by their health profession to accredit and monitor accredited programs of study.


Building on purpose two, and using the profession’s accreditation structures, the accreditation contributor is able to guide and compel education providers, their educators and supervisors, to provide culturally safe training.


Through improved understanding of cultural safety, and through appropriate use of accreditation processes, guide and compel students and supervisors to contribute to culturally safe patient care.


Provide accreditation contributors with knowledge and understanding of cultural safety to enable them to fully participate in discussion about the standards of their health profession and how the standards fully integrate concepts of cultural safety.

This training is designed for accreditation contributors from the health professions regulated under the National Regulation and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS).

This training costs $494.00 (plus GST) and is payable on registration.

There are three steps to this learning journey.

You have the opportunity to check your prerequisite knowledge about

  1. Aboriginal history and culture
  2. Health requirements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and communities
  3. Reflexive practice and transformational learning

In this step you are asked to complete some multiple choice questions; reflect on some readings; and analyse a recent accreditation activity.

Self-Directed Module One explores foundation concepts of cultural safety and reinforces prerequisite knowledge

Self-Directed Modules Two to Five explore content and skill required to be an effective accreditation contributor within a culturally safe environment

  1. Reflexive Practice and Transformational Learning
  2. Legacy of Colonisation
  3. Racism and Power
  4. Solutions

Self-Directed Module Si applies accreditation standards that have a focus on cultural safety to accredited programs of study and to education providers and contributes to the strengthening of culturally safe accredited programs of study

A 6 hour (full day) moderated discussion is the final step of this learning journey.  Join 20 accreditation contributors  (virtually or in-person) to share ideas and discuss learning from self-directed training and activities.

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